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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Alternative sources of energy

To perform any kind of work, energy is needed. All the human life depends upon energy in the universe. The sources of energy, which stored in nature from several millions of years and cannot be replaced quickly if exhausted. Firewood, kerosene, petrol, gases, coal are the sources of energy which cannot be replaced quickly and takes millions of years to form. With the growth of modern civilization and increasing population, people in the world are using various kinds of energy so there is always high demand of energy throughout the world. Since the demand of energy is increasing enormously, the present sources of energy cannot last for a long time. Then there will be the shortage of energy and that stage is energy crisis.
In order to rid the problem of energy crisis, we must develop alternative sources of energy which can be continuously produced in the nature and cannot be exhausted. The alternative sources of energy will become the major sources of energy in future. Scientist are making several researches to develop cheapest and convenient alternative sources of energy. Solar energy , Bio-gas, Wind energy, Hydro power, Nuclear energy are some of the examples of alternative sources of energy.
The energy obtained from the sun is called Solar energy which we can get continuously and we have seen that the sun is ultimate source of many form of energy. Another source is Bio gas which is an important source of energy. Cattle dung, Human wastes and different types of bio mass in water in the absence of air decomposes to give colourless and flammable gas containing methane and carbon dioxide. Wind energy is another form of alternative sources of energy which is produced by fast moving wind. Wind energy is cheap, plentiful, clean.It is one of the earliest sources of power. Hydro power is one of the alternative sources of energy, the flowing of water is probably the oldest technique known to mankind.Hence, alternative sources of energy are must need energy to overcome the high demand of energy and to save main sources of energy for future.

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