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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Newspaper writing

Newspaper especially of the popular variety, aim to do two things to inform and to entertain. Entertainment may be principally found in the center pages of the newspaper, in some of the feature articles and in some local news stories. The principal aim of short new report on the front pages is to inform. Most of the newspapers are published daily, and news reporters must make sure that they have up- to the minute news. In their news reports they will aim to create a sense of immediacy, to convey the impression that they have rushed the news to the reader and that the information contained is the very latest.Reports also wish to create a sense of authenticity, that is that their news is accurate and genuine. They may thus refer to their sources to the spokesmen who informed them perhaps quoting their very words to show that has been produce is the real news.Just as reporters appear to be in a hurry to find out and them retell their facts so too the readers of the daily newspaper are often in a hurry, trying to read as much of the news as possible before rushing off to work. This is perhaps what dictates one very common from at for news reports. According to this format, the first paragraph or two of the news report contains most of the main points of the story, in a condensed or summary form. The following paragraphs go over all the main points again, but this time adding more details. Thus the reader who is in hurry can get the main idea of the storyby reading just a first paragraph.

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