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Friday, July 3, 2009

Science and Society

Science is the systemic study of the physical universe and its contents by means of observations, measurements and experiments. It is an attempt to explain nature and behaviour of things. Science goes down deep into the causes of life and nature, their evoulation, their interaction and thereby attempts to improve the conditions and quality of living. Science helps in greater and more objective analysis of cause and effect, of facts and evidences, science opens new frontiers of knowledge and unravels the mysteries of nature and things. It is a way of humanity of facing challenges, overcoming difficulties and discovering new instruments and approaches to the truth. It adds and increases human knowledge in a way that nothing else can do by making researches into the unknown areas of life and nature. Science is a true living force in a society. Society with its well established law and order, facilities for research, analysis, observation, experiment etc. helps them to conduct their exploration and discover in the unknown.Without a society no scientific research and development are possible. The growth and development in science and technology are in direct relation and proportion to the development and growth of society. Science means rational approach to things and problems. It signifies dispassionate analysis, reasoning, probe and sifting truth by removing irrationality, blind faith, superstitions and fears. Science is search for better and still better living conditions through knowledge, rationality, analysis and research. It knows failures but not defeat.
Science lends dynamism to society. Science in itself is neither good nor bad. It is human beings who make science good or bad. The evil lies on the human mind which can use both science and morality for evil proposes. Science is knowledge, pure , objective and empirical engaged in making the life more easy, comfortable and less painful. There is hardly any walk or department of life which is not in the embrace of science. The true spirit of science lies in search and discovery of truth.

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