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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Journalism means writing for newspaper or magazines. It is communication of the information through writing in periodicals interest and newspapers. The collection and editing of materials of current interest for presentation, publication or broadcast is journalism. The word journalism comes from French word "Jour" which means the day , that means the event and information of a day through written words, sound or picture. Journalism is a kind of art and journalist is a kind of Artist. Journalism is for the people and about the people. Nowadays many people from the worked make Journalism as occupation and it is developing as a industry. It is the commutation of news but it may also have certain features for the entertainment of the reader. There are different types of Journalism according to subject matter, for example political, economic, social, education, sports, etc.
The important of journalism in society is very important. It communicates the different information to the society. It gives the education and aware the people. It is noble profession where great men also joined this profession.It is the voice of voiceless. Journalism changed the society through the education. It gives awareness so journalism is called forth estate of state.The most important base of the journalism is faithfulness and it is like wealth. The solo aim of journalism should be service

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