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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Drugs and its effect in youth

Drugs taking by youth is increasing on an alarming rate. The situation has become grave, parents and authorities are confused about this situation. It is not only a biological but a social, a psychological and an economical problem also. Everyday we come of drug trafficking on TV, Radio and newspaper. This gives an indication how widespread it is . Each and every aspect of it should be examined thoroughly. Various factor like types of drugs used, reasons for taking them, their horrifying effects etc. should betaken into account. This kind of examination is needed because the youth of any country is great source of strength and development. The youth is biologically full of energy and psychological, full of zeal. Young age is the age of formation and it is at this stage, the disease like drug taking strikes him. If the process continuous, he could remain nothing but lifeless stock.
The problem is such a complicated one that we have to analyze it from different angles. Taking drug is not merely a physiological phenomena it is much more.The drug taking youth is so much n his world of illusory excitement, that he does not feel the need of mixing with others. In other words, he dislikes social contacts. This will affect his social development and social relations of various types. His mental attitude goes through a transformation, he becomes a totally different personality. His way of looking at the family, friends, opposite sex, profession takes new turn which is not helpful but harmful to him. Almost all his mental process liking thinking, feeling and willing are disturbed. Sometimes, simple curiosity is also responsible for taking drugs. Youth want to know, how these drugs activate the mind and sometimes becomes a daily habit and necessity. Drugs is causing big problem to every part of the world especially for youth. So the parents, teachers, doctors, social workers and even politician should begin to take steps in this direction to save youth from drugs.

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