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Friday, July 10, 2009

Stone age, evidences in Nepal

According to Hindu epics and chronicles, there is strong evidences of human existence from the ancient time in Nepal. The hills and the valleys are supposed to be formed about 13 crores years ago and the existence of human being is there from very long time. 10 lakhs years old human fossils of Ramapithicus was found in Butwal of western Nepal shows that there is existence of human before 10 lakhs years ago. On the basis of study, lethal tools are categories into three Groups
1. Pre lithic tools 2. Medieval lithic tools 3. Neolithic tools
Neolithic human are civilized and engaged in agriculture, cattle, utensils making etc. there are many Neolithic tools found all over the different places in Nepal. Near the Dhanav Pokhari of Bardiya district Pre lithic tools were found. In the south east of Kathmandu, near Dhobi Khola Buddanilkhanta medieval lithic weapons were found. Dang valley, Dolakha Charikot, Lubu in Lalitpur, Kavrapalanchok, Palpa, Jhapa etc. are the places where Neolithic weapons were found. Neolithic weapons are red, black, grey coloured made by solid stone and looked very beautiful and polished. These weapons were used for digging, cutting and to save themselves from wild animals. Some of them are small but some were very large. These evidences prove that there were human existence from the time of first human Ramapithicus and they made the weapons of stone for various reasons which were also found in Nepal.

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  1. i want to kknow the source of information detailly about lubhu lalitpur