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Friday, July 3, 2009

Illetracy, problem for developing society

Illiteracy can be defined as that state of mind that is ignorant of all forms of reading and writing and thus makes a person to be classified as an uneducated person. Illiteracy is a global phenomena. It is closely linked to poverty and exploitation. There are one billion of illiterate people in the world and nearly 70 percent of the world's illiterate person are to be found in Asia. education prepares a man for a way of life. It awakens a critical sense in him towards the society and towards the people life and values they adopt. It awakens man's consciousness. It is a process of training which makes people aware of their situation and helps them to change things through and bring about total transformation of the society they live in. Therefore a literate population is an asset of the developing society. Literacy promotes self respect of the individual and makes one more confident of one's capabilities.A large section of a developing nations are below the poverty line and denied he access to the education and health service.
Illiteracy made its impact on the development of the countries and as a result, there is a decline in their living standard. So spread of literacy and educations the only way to development. The link between illiteracy, development and population is irrefutable. An alert and literate public opinion is absolute necessary for the successful working of a democratic society. Therefore people should be educated so that they can develop an interest about the country. Country like Nepal which is basically an agricultural society. Their social structure and the national economy are based on agriculture. Modern methods of farming and use of modern equipment can increase the production to a great extent so an educated farmer can revolutionize farming and can contribute a great deal to the nation's economy.Therefore illiteracy is a stumbling block to the development process and undoubtedly education is an important component of development. So mission like eradicating illiteracy has to spread all over the society to make all the people literate.

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